In The Kite Runner, how does Amir seek redemption by returning to Afghanistan?

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Amir might have hoped that the migration to the United States would help him forget some of the negative aspects of his past. However, his deeds as a child continue to haunt him in his adulthood. He discovers that Hassan was not only his friend, but he was also his brother. The discovery and the memory that he betrayed his brother unsettle him greatly. He also learns that Hassan and his wife were both killed, and they left behind a son.

Rahim Khan relays to him the unfortunate message and convinces him to go back to Afghanistan in search of his nephew, Sohrab. Amir agrees to go on the journey in part to rescue his nephew and face his “demons." He knows that if Hassan were alive, he would have wanted nothing else but the survival of his son. Thus, Amir steps up as a way of seeking forgiveness from his late brother.

Amir arrives in Afghanistan and finds Sohrab’s location. His rescue mission is complicated by the fact that Sohrab is held by Assef, his longtime nemesis. Assef is a...

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