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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Louie can be seen as a Christ figure in a couple of distinct ways.  The first is the element of sacrifice.  His sacrifice for country can be seen as Christ- like in that he endures more pain and tremendous suffering for the welfare of others.  There is nothing in way of personal glory or gain evident.  What he endures is for others, in some respects making his a Christ- like figure.  The abuse he suffers as a Prisoner of War is compatible to the abuse that Christ suffered at the hands of the Romans.  I would say that bookending this would be his journey towards forgiveness and a sense of peace regarding his captors.  Through his undertaking of Christianity as part of his life, Louie returns to Japan not as an "avenging angel," but rather as one who has found a sense of peace in where he is going and who he is.  The same peace that is found in Jesus' resolution to die on the cross and sacrifice for humanity is something that can be seen in Louie extending forgiveness and living with an absence of anger and animosity for what was done to him.  These would be where I think clear comparisons can be seen between Louie and the symbol of Christ as a figure.

parkerseal | Student

Sup tanja its parker. I put that the fact that he had to endure all of the pain from the POW camps like Jesus when he was beaten by the romans and nailed to the cross. Also when he comes back and forgives everyone and smiles with open arms to all of his abusers at the POW camps.

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