Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams

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In what ways do the Pollitts reveal the limiting, or even deleterious, qualities of wealth? How does money fail them or harm them in a crucial way?

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Wealth is the major cause of conflict in Tennessee Williams's Cat on a Hot Tin RoofCertainly, the strife between Maggie and Gooper and his family has as its foundation the issue of inheritance. She urges her husband Brick do his conjugal duty and give her a baby so that Big Daddy will be inclined to give Brick a substantial inheritance. For, Gooper and his wife are mass producing in the hopes that Big Daddy will turn the estate over to them, an action that would leave Brick and Maggie dependent upon the generosity of relatives. In Act One, Maggie tells Brick that if he continues to drink, he will be sent to a sanitarium--

Then Brother Man could get a-hold of the purse strings and dole out remittances to us, maybe get power-of-attorney and sign checks for us and cut off our credit wherever, whenever he wanted!...How'd you like that, Baby?--Well, you've been...

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