In what ways do Pashtun take advantage of Hazara? 

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One way in which the Pashtun are able to take advantage of the Hazara exists in the level of power the former holds in Afghan social settings.  Members of the Pashtun possess more economic, political, and social power than the Hazara people.  They are able to exert this power in marginalizing the Hazara.  No better is this seen than with Assef.  Born into a privileged Pashtun family, Assef advocates the purification of Afghanistan in eliminating the Hazara.  

Assef embodies how the Pashtun take advantage of the Hazara.  He understands that the Hazara are marginalized and kept on the periphery of social voice.  He is able to harness this into a platform that advocates their rejection. As individuals like Assef become members of the Taliban, the Hazara experience further marginalization. The Taliban, largely Pashtun, were able to use political power to advance their agenda of repression against the Hazara.  This reflects how they were able to take advantage of the social marginalization that the Hazara experienced in order to consolidate their own political power.  

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