In what ways do multinational corporations use the media to improve the public image of the company in a time of crisis?

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Multinational companies (or any companies) use media in times of crisis to try to project the image of a caring and concerned company that is doing everything it can to resolve the crisis.  Companies use television and other advertisements, the free exposure they get from media interviews and, nowadays, social media to get this point across.

In times of crisis, it is almost certain that company representatives will be interviewed a great deal by the media.  These interviews are one part of the crisis management process.  Representatives have to get the right message across, showing that they care about what is happening, that they take responsibility, and that they will do whatever it takes to fix the problem. 

Companies also make their own ads about crises and go on social media outlets to try to project an image.  Here too, they must project the same image and attitude as they do in interviews.  By doing these things, they can hope to minimize the damage to their image.

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