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In what ways do Doyle and Shakespeare present the foibles of human nature in Hamlet and The Best of Sherlock Holmes short stories?

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Doyle and Shakespeare both use eccentric but brilliant characters to represent the foibles of human nature in Hamlet and the Best of Sherlock Holmes through their egos.

Although there do not seem to be many similarities between Sherlock Holmes and Hamlet at first glance, both are men who did not fit society’s mold.  In each case, they were brilliant, eccentric, and got results by being some rude, antisocial, and using other people to get what they needed.

Hamlet had a mystery to solve, in his own way.  His father was murdered.  His detective strategies were unconventional (including using his father’s ghost as the main witness), and his method of bringing the culprit to justice was rather messy.  He ended up killing not just his suspect, but most everyone else too—including himself.

Hamlet’s flaw is his ego. Hamlet’s ego and...

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