In what ways do D.H.Lawrence and Simon Armitage explore their emotion in ‘Piano’ and ‘Mother any distance’?

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D.H. Lawrence's moving poem "Piano" and Simon Armitage's "Mother Any Distance" share a number of similarities in the respective poets' masterful display of powerful emotions. They have a similar rhyme scheme, conveying their respective images through simple couplets that serve to reinforce the fact that these poems are both presented from a child's perspective. The couplets in the poems have a childish quality and are evocative of nursery rhymes. The form of these poems brilliantly reinforce the content. Moreover, both poems have a melancholic longing for the past; indeed, wistful nostalgia tinges the pieces, and there is a bittersweet quality to the works. The narrators in each poem yearn for a simpler time in which they were safe with maternal figures. The narrators' desire for the past shine through with the works' melancholic tones. 

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