In what ways do characters find redemption in The Kite Runner?

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History breathes heavily through the novel and constantly looks over the shoulder of the two friends and previous transgressions threaten to paralyse hope for the future. The neglected, weed-infested house symbolises this threat - yet there is hope , a way to redeem and a path to possibly to go forward again.  Amir sometimes feels that this will never happen because of the dark past and the shadow it casts over the future. He feels that the rest of his life has been carved out in a negative trajectory because of past deeds and at the beginning of the book we see him reflecting upon those times, though these are not revealed immediately. The theme of guilt creeps in as these worrying thoughts are revealed and also the theme of shame as he feels too ashamed to even try and move on. However, it is possible that he can be redeemed and towards the end we see Amir given heart by Rahim Khan’s belief in hope - there are always opportunities for personal epiphany and renewal. Amir takes up this target and bravely returns to visit Afghanistan.  He finds his old house neglected and nearly derelict and realises that the world has moved on from those times yet he has been living in them inside his head - it is time for him to leave the land of the past too.

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