In what ways did white Southerners protest Reconstruction policies?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

White American Southerners protested the Reconstruction policies beginning with the abolition of slavery. Southerners could not accept the new laws which gave slaves their freedom. Southern whites chose to use former slaves as sharecroppers and to segregate their race from that of the former slaves.

Jim Crow laws were created in 1877 towards the end of the Reconstruction period. Given the intense prejudice, whites created laws to keep the freed slaves from equality. These laws insured that Southern whites were able to resume the lives they lived prior to the abolition of slavery by creating sharcropping and other measures. Although free, African Americans still lived lives that placed them below whites. African Americans, according to Jim Crow laws, were not able to reside in certain neighborhoods, possess certain jobs, sit on juries, or ride on certain public transportation.

Therefore, in protest against slaves' freedom and in order to continue to exert power over African Americans, white Southerners established laws to ensure their superiority over African Americans through laws which segregated blacks from whites.

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