In what ways did the U.S. pursue imperialism economically?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The United States pursued imperialism economically in a few ways. One example was our actions with China in the 1890s. We wanted to trade with China. We were very concerned that Europe would create many European colonies in China. China was a weak country at this time, and the Europeans had already created spheres of influence in China where many colonial powers had significant influence. We were concerned that we would get shut out of the trade with China if China was colonized. Thus, we issued the Open Door Policy that stated that we expected all countries to be able to trade with an independent China.

We continued to pursue imperialism economically in the early 1900s. Under President Taft, we followed a policy called Dollar Diplomacy. We invested in foreign countries, and when events in those countries threatened our investment, we sent the military into the country to create a stable environment. This was done in Nicaragua in 1911. We used our money to gain influence and then intervened if events threatened to destabilize the country.