In what ways did the market revolution shatter Jefferson's vision of an agrarian republic?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Jefferson’s vision for the United States, the vast majority of people would have lived on small farms where they could be independent.  They would have grown or made almost everything they needed.  That way, they would not have had to rely on anyone else.

With the market revolution, this vision became obsolete.  People came more and more to grow single crops that they sold for cash.  They used the cash to buy the things they needed.  They were no longer independent and able to fend for themselves.  Instead, they needed people who would buy from them and others who would sell to them.  In addition, many people left farms and went to work in cities.  All of this shattered Jefferson’s vision.

mohoganyblu | Student

How did Thomas Jefferson vision the American republic? In what ways did Hamilton oppose this vision? Who eventually succeeded and how?