In what ways did America's involvement in WWII help to end the Great Depression?

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The reemergence of industry was one of the ways in which American involvement in the Second World War ended the Great Depression.  The need for industry to reemerge was the best stimulus plan to regenerate employment, business growth, as well as increasing revenue streams.  If one considers a depression as a period where income is less and business slows, the entry into World War II would represent the opposite for American businesses.  While Roosevelt's initiatives in the New Deal had promise to help the economy, it was the entry into the Second World War that helped guarantee that American economic prosperity could pull itself out of the Great Depression.

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There are two major ways that US involvement in World War II (and its preparations for getting involved) helped end the Depression..

First, it provided a whole lot of orders for factories.  As they US started to get ready for war, the government started to order all kinds of stuff from factories.  They ordered everything from airplanes to boots and gloves.  All this stuff helped put people back to work.

Second, it took a lot of American men (and women) into the Armed Forces.  This cut way back on the unemployment rates and that, too, helped end the Depression.

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