In what two ways does Darzee's wife helps Rikki defeat Nagaina?

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Rikki wants to find and destroy Nagaina's eggs because they are due to hatch within a day, and that would help fulfill Nagaina's plan to be queen of the garden. Darzee tells Rikki where to find the eggs, but refuses to lead Nagaina away by pretending his wing is broken. Darzee's wife steps in to help. She flutters in front of Nagaina while crying out about her broken wing. That gives Rikki time to find the eggs and destroy all but one of them. 

Unfortunately, as Darzee's wife was drawing Nagaina away from the rubbish heap, she was drawing her toward the house. During her play-acting with Nagaina, Darzee's wife hears the snake intends to kill Teddy. Now the bird has led the snake right up to the veranda, almost in striking distance of the boy. Darzee's wife calls out to Rikki and quickly explains where the snake is and that she intends to kill. 

As Nagaina flees with the egg in her mouth toward her hole, Darzee's wife "flew off her nest as Nagaina came along, and flapped her wings about Nagaina's head." This effort slows Nagaina down enough that Rikki can clamp his teeth on her tail. 

Darzee's wife helps Rikki defeat Nagaina by distracting her while he destroys most of the cobra eggs, by warning him that Nagaina is on the veranda, and by fluttering about Nagaina as she tries to escape from Rikki down the rat hole, which allows Rikki to catch up to the snake. 

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