In what way is Dally different from Ponyboy and Johnny?Please list as many differnt ways as possible.

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In "The Outsiders," Dally, Dallas Winston,  is one of the older boys and a friend to Johnny Cade.  He is also part of the same gang as  Ponyboy,the "greasers gang."  Dally is very different than the two boys.  First Dally is older. Ponyboy talks about how strong and hard Dally is.  He is an ex-con because he has been arrested several times. The local police had a long rap sheet on Dally.  Ponyboy and Johnny had never been arrested.   He doesn't seem to have any hope of ever getting a better life where Ponyboy is still in school and trying to better himself.  Johnny is not as hard as Dally.  Late in the story Dally says he made a mistake by not teaching Johnny to be "hard" like he was.  Johnny and Ponyboy both seem to care more about other people.  They talk about sunsets, poetry, and family.  Dally has no family and he is portrayed as an angry, violent, punk.  Dally cared about horses and Johnny and that was all.  He had spent time in New York and the two boys had never been away from home.  Ponyboy has a family, he is good at schoolwork.  Ponyboy is an athlete, likes to read, and lives in a home with his brothers while Dally lives from one house to another.

There is very little these three boys have in common except for the "greasers" and their loyalty to each other.

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dally is older.

he is tougher

he has gotten arrested several times.

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