In what ways could Simon be considered a hero in the novel Lord of the Flies? In what ways would Simon not be considered a hero?

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon could be considered a hero throughout the novel because he is a selfless character who helps others and is the only boy who understands the true identity of the "beast." Unlike the majority of the boys on the island, Simon goes out of his way to help the littluns and continually encourages Ralph. Simon is quick to lend Piggy a hand and even volunteers to travel back through the forest alone to tell Piggy where the group is located. Simon is the only character who does not succumb to savagery at some point in the story, and he is the only boy to discover that the "beast" is actually a dead paratrooper. His bravery, insight, and caring nature would qualify him as a hero.

One could not label Simon as a hero because he was never able to express himself during the assemblies and does not spread the message to the other boys about the true identity of the "beast." Simon is killed before he gets a chance to relay his message that the "beast" is man's inherent wickedness. Simon's inability to share his message results in the further decay of civilization which eventually leads to Piggy's death.

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