In what ways can teams be used effectively in a company like Macy's?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since a company like Macy's has an established clientele, a strong business reputation and a history of quality goods and services the most effective way to put teams to work in a big empire such as this is by tasking them with qualitative and quantitative research that is ongoing and that triangulates enough data to continuously analyze the trends in purchases and selections of the customers. This way, Macy's would never lose touch with the changing demographics of consumers and will continue to provide precisely what the clients want.

As a result of having a plan such as this already in action, Macy's current plan of action reads:

We will intensify our efforts in 2012 and beyond to better serve the needs of Millennial customers, those between the ages of 13 and 30, now our nation’s largest generation.

This particular focus is a result of the way in which Quality Assurance Teams triangulated data to determine who are their everyday, loyal clients. Macy's used quantitative analysis teams as well, comparing effectively supply versus demand needs. This data analysis resulted in the following plan:

Our plans include re-focusing the merchandise assortments in the Mstylelab and Impulse departments so they are more exciting and relevant to these fast-fashion customers, as well as stepping up the shopping experience and store environments.

Therefore it is safe to conclude that Macy's already uses teams effectively. The way that they do it, according to the company's human resources website, is by on-going training, by creating team building events that promote camaraderie and purpose, and by offering incentives to teams that can quantitatively show through data how their analysis brought out good interventions to augment productivity and sales.

Additionally, there are ways by which you can evaluate the effectiveness of the team: conducting periodic evaluations, empirical analysis of the attitude and performance of each member of the team, and by regularly revisiting the purpose and goal of the individual team helps both the team member and the employer to be in synch with the purpose and goal of the organization.

Ultimately, the success of Macy's may be due to the way in which the team approach is viewed: the teams are small, tasked to do specific and focused work, and, for this reason, teams at Macy's are highly esteemed: it is in the uniqueness bestowed upon a team that it finds its major strength. In Macy's own words,

if you enjoy working with smart, driven people and thrive in a highly innovative and entrepreneurial environment, then this is the place for you.