In what ways can teams be used effectively in a company?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teams can be used effectively in a company as long as there is individual accountability and clear communication between team members and between the team and management.

It is almost impossible to avoid teams in the business world.  Teams are an integral part of how businesses operate, because no one can work on a big project alone.  Some people are good team players, and some are not. They key to successful teams is choosing the right people, having the right leadership, and having good communicate both in and out of the team.

It takes a while for a team to develop the communication methods needed to really accomplish something.  Just having people with complementary skill sets so that everyone can take a piece of the puzzle is not enough.  Good teams have good methods of communicating.

That suggested that the key to high performance lay not in the content of a team’s discussions but in the manner in which it was communicating. (Harvard Business Review)

Effectiveness does not stop at communication.  There is more to having a good team.  One of the keys is organization.  There are simply some things good teams need.

Some characteristics of effective teams are clear direction and responsibilities, knowledgeable members, reasonable operating procedures, good interpersonal relationships, shared success and failures, and good external relationships. (enotes)

Basically, there has to be good leadership and clear differentiation of responsibility.  There also needs to be good rapport.  Team members need to respect each other and get along.  Each person needs to have buy-in to the team, and appreciate it.  A win for the team is a win for all, and a loss for the team is a loss for all.