A Doll's House Questions and Answers
by Henrik Ibsen

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In what ways can Krogstad be seen as a foil to Torvald? Details must be provided from the play to support my answer.

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A foil is a character which illuminates the positive and negative qualities of a main character. Krogstad does this for Torvald in that they have many of the same experiences and skills but they respond very differently to crisis. Krogstad highlights Torvald's selfishness and cold heart. When faced with financial difficulties, Krogstad committed a crime in order to get out from under them. He acknowledged his crime and worked very hard to redeem himself in the eyes of the community. However, Torvald would not forgive Krogstad for his past indiscretions and fired him. In response, Krogstad threatened to tell Torvald that Nora , Torvald's wife, committed a similar crime. He changed his mind about blackmail when he found love, but he was too late. When Torvald discovered...

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