In what ways is Atticus a good father?

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Atticus has many qualities that make him a good father. Some of those qualities are:

  • He teaches his children to be fair and treat others, even those they dislike, with respect.
  • He is a good role model. He is a good man and well respected in Macomb. 
  • He educates his children not only by reading to them, but also by encouraging them to think for themselves. In this way he does not tell them what to think, but he teaches them how to think.
  • He is kind and respectful to his kids. While not an overly affectionate man, he is also not stern with Jem and Scout, nor critical. He gives them the respect he would give fellow adults.

Not only is Atticus Finch a good father, but throughout the novel he shows that he is a good man.


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