In Antigone, how are Creon and Antigone both similar and different?  

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As other Educators have noted, both Antigone and Creon are stubborn and strongly believe they are correct. Their conflict forms the central issue of the play: what is justice?

Antigone believes she is following a higher law, that of the gods, in burying her brother. Creon, on the other hand, has passed a law stipulating that Polynices should not be buried since he fought against Thebes (and his brother Eteocles, who shut his brother out of power, though they were supposed to share the throne). Both Antigone and Creon believe they are acting ethically and following their conscience. Both strongly argue their sides to the other and refuse to back down. Even though they are family, Creon sees the law as higher and sentences Antigone, his niece, to death. Antigone accepts her punishment, knowing she would be betraying her moral sense if she were to follow Creon’s edict.

The two characters have similar personalities but hold opposite opinions on Creon’s law. One additional difference is that...

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