In what ways are the animals of Animal Farm worse off at the end than they were at the beginning?  Please name as many examples as possible and be clear in your explanations. Thanks!

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It's unclear that they were really in such a bad situation in the first place.  The worked for Jones, an alcoholic farmer, but they had pretty reasonable lives.  They were then told how horrible their lives were, and how much better they would be if they could free themselves from Jones and rule themselves.  What really happened is that they got rid of one "bad" boss and created a power gap that was filled with a truly bad dictator.  Napoleon (interesing name for a leader who once promised a Republic to the people but who later became a dictator  --- read the story of Beethoven's original dedication of the "Eroica" to Napoleon and his violent change of the title when he saw what Napoleon was becoming) is a worse dictator than Jones ever was.  He has more power, more control, a fierce "army," a great propaganda machine --- none of which Jones had.  The possibility for true change, true "improvement" of the animals' situations is MUCH bleaker than it was under Jones.  Worse, Napoleon walks like the "man" he so despised at the beginning --- ironic, but not surprising.

One dictator has replaced another.  Orwell saw that this was the way it usually goes ....

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