What are two ways that Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli?

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alw1192 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are a few ways the Ancient Egyptians used lapis-lazuli.

1) Lapis lazuli was used in funeral masks such as the famous King Tut's mask (Tutankhamen).

2) It was a particularly favored gem for amulets and ornaments. Some of these were scarabs. Lapis lazuli was common in jewelry because of its rich color and rarity.

3) It is said lapis lazuli was ground up to use as makeup. Lapis lazuli was used as an early form of eyeshadow for the likes of Queen Cleopatra herself.

4) Lapis lazuli was used as a tribute paid to Egypt by other nations/civilizations.

5) It was most likely the fifth stone in the breast plate of a High Priest.

6) It was crushed into a dye to color fabrics and other materials. Clothing worn by kings, queens, and priests was dyed this blue hue to make them more like the gods themselves.