In The Chrysalids, in what way is the philosophy of the fringes people similar to that of the people of Waknuk?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The similarities between the philosophy of the Waknukians the dwellers of the fringes is similar in that both groups of people think that they have the correct understanding of what God is doing and how he views what is happening in the world. The Waknukians feel that they are the final form, God's intended form the the human, and that they must zealously defend that form and stamp out any deviations from it. The fringe dwellers, as the man who takes David to his uncle testifies, believe that God does not have a final form at all, and that he is continually trying to develop and change the human form into something better and purer. As David says after hearing this belief, it is confusing how many different views about God and his workings in the human species there are:

It was odd, I felt, how many people seemed to have positive, if conflicting, information upon God's views.

The similarities in the philosophy of these two groups of people therefore lie in the way that both of them think that God is acting in humans, and that they both believe they understand how God is acting and that the other group is wrong.