In what way has the setting changed from the last scene of Act One to the first scene of Act Two in The Diary of Anne Frank?

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In Act II, it is the beginning of a new year.  It is 1944.

Act II opens with Anne explaining that a New Year has begun.  At the end of Act I it was Hanukah, and everyone was celebrating.  Now it is January, and they are celebrating the New Year with a cake Miep has brought.

Anne’s Voice. Saturday, the first of January, nineteen forty-four. Another new year has begun and we find ourselves still in our hiding place. We have been here now for one year, five months, and twenty-five days. It seems that our life is at a standstill. 

Anne is frustrated by the lack of progress in the war.  She describes the family as having changed, because everyone is getting thinner.  In fact we learn through Mr. Dussel that things get worse and worse outside, and Miep and Mr. Kraler have not been telling them everything because they don’t want them worrying.