In what ways does Veronica find pride in herself as a strong individual?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it is significant that Veronica is a singer.  Someone who is a singer takes notes and motifs that might not have been envisioned and puts them together in the form of song that provides inspiration and recollection for others.  They create out of what others cannot see or hear, but is clear to them.  Veronica's singing ability is not only what defines her dream but it is also what gives her the confidence to exude a sense of pride in herself as a strong individual.  Veronica is not afraid of the present, not one weighed down by the past.  Even when confronted with the reality of what happened to her mother, she is not scared of venturing out, sojourning into what her grandfather calls "a bad world," in order to pursue her dream.  Veronica finds pride in that the new South Africa is one in which she has a shot at her dream.  She is not content with "scrubbing the White Man's floor" as her grandmother had done.  She is not content with the notion of living on the land, something that she feels "takes our lives."  She sees promise and opportunity, a song of hope that awaits her.  It is in singing this song where pride is evident, the pride that enables her the courage to leave with strength and resilience that is convincing.  When The Author tells her that "The future belongs to you now," it is challenge that is issued to her, one that she eagerly awaits as a strong individual.  It is this passion and sense of pride that will not only enable her to achieve her dreams, but what Fugard believes will help to craft the new South Africa.  In this, there is pride in Veronica as a strong individual, brimming with hope and pride.