In what way does the perpetual wait for Godot show absurdism?  

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Absurdism is an exploration of the manifestation of the view that order, logic, causality, and all the other assumptions of reason are illusionary, and that the universe is actually chaotic and undesigned.  One of those assumptions is that we all have a "job" or "mission in life" if we only wait and watch for the signals and directions.  Waiting for Godot dramatizes this fruitless waiting by having the audience "wait" along with Didi and Gogo, for a plot, a rising action, and a resolution, none of which is supplied.  It is a play "in which nothing happens, twice" and as such is a perfect imitation of an action. At the end, at "Let's go/Yes, let's go", the directions state "They do not move".  Nor does the audience.  Absurd.

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