How does David Neeleman demonstrate an understanding of organizational behavior?

Expert Answers
belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

David Neeleman is the founder of JetBlue, an American airline, as well as two other airlines throughout his life. His current venture is Azul, a low-cost Brazilian airline.

Neeleman, as an entrepreneur, grew up rich between the U.S. and Brazil, and was struck at a young age by the disparity between rich and poor people in both countries. To keep his business ventures within his own understanding of ethical morality, Neeleman has made an effort to make his airlines cost-effective, safe, and personal to its customers. Neeleman understood that saved money will be better spent and so his airlines have low prices. He also understood that people will be more likely to continue using a service that is personally involved with its customers; JetBlue created the Customer Bill of Rights in response to customer outrage, and now this or similar documents are considered standard entitlement. Additionally, by using a single type of airplane with only one seating class, customers avoid the feeling of low-high class so typical with other airlines.

Neeleman has a public image of thrift and humility; he flies coach on his own airlines, does not have designated parking spaces, travels on public transport, and directly engages his employees. In this manner, he seeks to avoid the boss/worker class warfare that is so endemic in other businesses; his hands-on attitude, combined with employee profit-sharing and specific solutions to problems, gives the typical top-heavy organizational status of business a more even, stable structure.