The Garden Party: And Other Stories Questions and Answers
by Katherine Mansfield

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In "The Garden Party," in what way does Jose's song function?

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This is a great question! It seems to me that the song that Jose sings actually foreshadows the events that occur later in the story, in particular the death of Mr. Scott and the confrontation that Laura has with his dead body, and the resulting epiphany that she experiences. Let us note the lyrics of this song:

This life is Weary,

A Tear--a Sigh.

A Love that Changes,

This Life is Weary,

A Tear--A Sigh.

A Love that Changes,

And then... Goodbye!

Clearly the song comments upon the general weariness of life, followed by the final exit of death. Note, too, that Jose's manner of presenting this song likewise mirrors her reaction to the death of Mr. Scott. Although she starts by looking "mournfully and enigmatically" at...

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