In what way do Romeo and Juliet need the help of Friar Laurence and the Nurse in order to save their love and move forward?

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The Nurse and Friar Laurence sort of act like mother and father figures for Romeo and Juliet.  Not completely, but that is a good angle to approach their help from.  Early in the play the Nurse helps Juliet secretly meet with Romeo.  She runs interference for Juliet and warns her if someone might be coming.  She tells Juliet a lot of dirty jokes too.  

Friar Laurence is not as close to Romeo as the Nurse is to Juliet, but the friar still acts as Romeo's counselor.  He offers Romeo advice on how to proceed and at the same time warns Romeo to proceed with caution.  

The big help in moving their relationship forward comes from Friar Laurence.  Because the two star crossed lovers are deeply in love with each other, the next step is to get married.  Since Romeo's and Juliet's families would never let that happen, they must get married in secret.  That's where the friar comes in.  Wedding done, big step forward.  The problem comes later when the friar agrees to help Romeo and Juliet escape.  They need his knowledge of drugs to fake Juliet's death.  The tragedy is that Romeo didn't know that it was a fake death. 

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