The Lover of Horses Questions and Answers
by Tess Bond

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In what way does the mother of the narrator in Tess Gallagher's "Lover of Horses" feel her daughter was stolen?

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Several characters in the story "The Lover of Horses" by Tess Gallagher are considered `stolen.` This word does not indicate theft as in that of physical property, but rather theft of affection, as when one refers to a person `stealing` someone`s girlfriend or boyfriend.

The first stolen character is the great-grandfather who is stolen away from his wife and 11 children by the dancing horse. The narrator`s father, although not as involved with actual horses, has a similar lust for a life of alcohol, adventure, and gambling, which steals him from his family. The daughter - narrator has to make a choice between following the constricted life of her mother or the wild but self destructive ways of her father. She is `stolen` from the mother in the sense that the vibrancy of her paternal heritage steals her away from her mother`s lifestyle and makes her begin to emulate her father.

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