In what way does Cole become a better person in Touching Spirit Bear?  

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Cole becomes a better person because he stops being violent and blaming others for his problems.

When the story starts, Cole is a very angry young man.  He is facing a jail sentence for severely beating a classmate, Peter, for telling about a robbery Cole committed on a hardware store.  Cole’s father was abusive and his mother was an alcoholic, so Cole often acted out.  His behavior was really a cry for help.

Cole was offered Circle Justice as an option.  Circle Justice was different from the regular legal system.  The focus was on healing and forgiveness.  Cole had to agree to change and try to change.  At first, Cole participated only to avoid jail time.  He did not believe it would work.

He had no intention of ever honoring the contract he agreed to during the Circle Justice meetings. As soon as they left him alone, this silly game would end. Circle Justice was a bunch of bull. (Ch. 1) 

It is true that Cole does not react well...

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