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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bryon has not exactly grown up an angel, and he has times where he is in the wrong and dishonest. Bryon has been known to steal from the drugstore, packs of cigarettes and the like, and this is certainly an example of dishonesty. He knows that it is wrong to steal, yet rationalizes that he does not take anything of real value.

Bryon has been dishonest for admirable reasons, as well. Bryon lies and says he is responsible for cutting off Angela's hair, and as a result, takes a beating for it. He lied to protect his brother, who was actually the one who cut off Angela's hair.

drolison89 | Student

When Bryon said that he was going to start bringing in money Michael thought that he was actualley was going to get a job not start selling drugs but then again bryon tried to explain that their was no jobs any where and that he looked everywhere to find one that he met a drug dealer and then om started to sell drugs to hippies people such as m&m. Thats when the police was called on Bryon.

takomansan | Student

With only the first chapter under my belt, I can deduce that Bryon has been raised into an enviroment without much constructive supervision and religious upkeep. He has had to fend for himself and his friends, protecting them and providing for them. Without proper morals and ideals installed, Bryon slids things under the table that he believes to be accetable. He takes small "worthless items" from drugstores as an example of this dishonesty.

zoeprsns | Student

because bryon loves his brother and didnt want him to get hurt