What is "The Watsons Go To Birmingham - 1963" about?

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This book is about a 10yr old boy who lives with his family in Flint,Michigan. They are frozen to death in there house so they call there Aunt to stay there. She said yes so they have to get all the ice off the windows and Byron was kissing himself in the mirror. He got his lips stuck to the mirror. Mama then pulls him off leaving behind a little behind. He then meets hi personal savior, Rufus. Read and then you will like it alot!

Family: Joetta-Byron-Mama-Papa-Kenny

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jake | Student

 well i think the watsons go to birmingham is about a family of 5 there is joetta, kenny, byron, daniel, and wilona they are going to take a trip to birmingham to there  grandmas and they will leave byron behinde and then when they go to church there is a bombing and joetta the sister is ok even though she was in it and the rest of the book is for you to find out.

                                        toodles!        and p.s it also helps if you read the book duh and if you really want to know you would do just that!!!!!!!

llamas101 | Student

Its about a famiy that takes a trip and leaves Byron cuz of his behavior.

keisor | Student

all five members of the Watson family are sitting wrapped in blankets against the cold of the apartment. Mrs. Watson is convinced they are going to freeze to death. Through the eyes of ten-year-old Kenny, the reader learns about the crazy antics of his family. Kenny believes that everyone in his neighborhood and school must think his family is strange—"The Weird Watsons".

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