what is water of crystalization?Give examples.  i want this answer in 3 to 4 lines only.plz

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Water exists in three states on Earth--solid, liquid and gas. Water molecules contain two Hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom connected by covalent bonds. Water can exist as a liquid crystal when near a hydrophilic surface. A liquid crystal acts like a conventional liquid in that it flows, but it acts as a solid crystal because the molecules are arranged in a crystal pattern. Crystallization water is water in crystals that is found in a crystalline framework of a metal complex. Many compounds contain water in their crystalline frameworks. Proteins crystallize with large amounts of water in their structure. Hydrates are salts associated with water of crystallization. These are all ways water can be found as a crystal.

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Crystallization of water means how many molecules present in hydrated form in the compounds. Water is present in mainly three form:

  1. Solid

  2. Liquid

  3. Gas

    For example CuSO4.7H2O means that for every Copper Sulphate molecules, there are 7 water molecules


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 The Water of crystallization is water that is stoichiometrically bound into a crystal.
Crystal salts containing water of crystallization are called hydrates.

For example: The Commercial root killers often contain copper sulfate Pentahydrate (CuSO4·5H2O) crystals. The five water molecules are called water of crystallization

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