What was your reaction to the surprise ending?

Expert Answers
clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ending was indeed a surprise and full of layers of situational irony. I liked the ending because it really demonstrated a lesson learned for Mathilde. One point of irony from the ending is that Mathilde replaced Mme. Forestier's necklace with a fake. Another is that Mathilde wanted so badly to be rich, famous, refined, and liked or envied by all. She was a very proud woman- too proud to admit that she had lost the necklace- which would have ultimately saved her from reducing her life to poverty and coarseness. A final layer of irony we find in the ending is that Mme. Forestier's diamond was fake just like Mathilde was a social fake at the party. She definitely learned that she should be content with what she has because things can always be worse and she had to learn the lesson in the most difficult way possible. I like Maupassant's ending because it stresses this lesson so much.

nahlanahla3 | Student

 I do believe that inside each one of us there is that feeling of showing off. Thus, in many cases of our life experience we mistake reality for appearance. This surprise ending comes to awaken us, to shock us, to tell us that nothing in the world equals a moment of being honest to ourselves. This ending teaches us also to plan for our dreams and not to run after our tricky ambitions. Happiness never built upon deception; deception of ourselves and of others and that achieving our goals by ignoring others' can not result in self-satification. On the contrary, it leads to miseries that Mme and Mr Loisel. This ending also lays stress on the role of the community in shaping or adapting its individuals' ambitions. I think if Mme Loisel had found in herband a wise character she might have been convinced to go to the party without that damned necklace and their life might have been changed to better instead of spending ten years in utmost suffering thinking ridiculously thinking they are heroes!!!!!! 

jackee08 | Student

My reaction to the ending was surprized...  If it was me i would be mad, knowing that the last ten years were a waste becuase of one night, and one necklasee.

basa | Student

      My reaction was that i was surprised. I was like eeeh...... thats messed up because mathilde could have been straight up and tell the truth but now she spent 10 years working for nothing.

neenahh | Student

That the necklace was fake and they wasted 10 years of they're life paying off debts and loansharks and they didnt have to all because of one night.

reana | Student

the characters become happy at the end of the story