What was the young man's alibi and why was it so unbelievable?

Expert Answers
jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The boy's alibi for the night of his father's murder was that he was watching a movie alone in a movie theater but this alibi he presented was too weak to be trusted completely. First he failed to recall the name of the movie or the plot even though he has only seen it within the week of questioning. Juror #8 tries to explain for the boy's inability to remember saying people often forget trivial details of their daily lives but the boy not being able to even recall the name of the movie seemed inadequate and unreasonable. The lack of witness also contributed to the failure of the alibi. He claimed to have gone to the movie alone and that no witness is available to testify for the legibility of his alibi. This seems unlikely as theaters are usually crowded with people and teenagers of his age usually hang around with companions or friends.