What was the year in which The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt was set?

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt is set in 1967, and we know that based primarily on two events that were happening in the world around Holling Hoodhood and his family.

The first time marker is the Vietnam War which is raging throughout the novel. Men go off to war, die, are proclaimed missing in action, and are found. People like Heather Hoodhood are protesting the war and advocating peace while others, like her father, simply watch it unfold on the nightly news program with Walter Kronkite. We know that in some months during the school year over which this novel takes place things are going well with the war, but during some months things are going badly for the war effort. In any case, this war [which has since been officially renamed a "conflict] is the backdrop of this novel.

The second and more definitive marker is that Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in April. Holling explains that

on Tuesday, while everyone at Camillo Junior High watched on a television in the gym, my father stayed home from Hoodhood and Associates [something he would never do ordinarily] to watch on our television two Georgia mules draw the old green farm wagon that carried the body of Martin Luther King, Jr,. through the streets of Atlanta.

This is the only moment in the story in which Holling's dad and sister were not fighting, arguing, or at least disagreeing on something. The story begins in September of 1967 but ends in June of 1968, the year the civil rights leader was assassinated. 

darkcityslasher | Student

in 1967

bpollock | Student

The Wednesday Wars took place during the Vietnam War and is set in 1967.


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