What was written on the apple that Eris threw on the table in the myth of The Iliad?

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This Greek myth is actually one that sometimes stands alone apart from The Iliad, and is sometime referred to as "The Golden Apple of Discord." Eris was a Greek goddess of chaos and discord; she enjoyed causing strife and stirring up mischief, especially when she felt mistreated. The myth says that Eris became angry when she was not invited to a wedding, and felt snubbed; in retaliation, she "crashed" the wedding celebration and threw a golden apple that she had taken from Hera's orchard onto a table where everyone would see it. The tree that bore golden apples was a wedding gift from Gaia (the goddess of Earth) to Hera when she married Zeus.

The apple bore the Greek word "Kallisti" which means "For the Fairest." Eris knew this would cause trouble among the vain goddesses present: Hera, Athena and Aphrodite. All three of them assumed the apple must be meant for her. Paris of Troy was selected as a judge to determine who should rightfully receive the apple. He chose Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty; this caused Hera and Athena to become jealous and outraged, and both of them stormed out of the wedding party, vowing revenge. 


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