What was the writer's purpose of writing "The Dream of the Road"?

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The purpose of "the Dream of the Rood" is to convey the perspective of the tree and the torment it faced as it was cut down and later tortured, as Christ was, with nails in its wood.

The three is personified as an unwilling participant who witnessed the death of Christ and the mourning of his followers.

The tree was redeemed by Jesus's healing grace and his resurrection.

The rood communicates his story to the dreamer who sees images of Christ's blood on the tree at first followed by jewels later.

The Rood, like Jesus, instructs the dreamer to share this story of Christ's redemption so that others may know of and understand the power of Jesus’s salvation for the world.

The poet’s use of personification of an inanimate object is a unique way to share the story of the Crucifixion through a dialogue that starts with the Dreamer’s interpretation of events, the tree’s eyewitness account, and the Dreamer’s pledge to share the message of the Hope of Salvation.