Identify a significant way that Southern slaves resisted their owners.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the midst of the horror intrinsic to slavery, it is natural to forget that there were significant examples of resistance to it.  In the action of resistance to slavery, Nat Turner becomes a major example.  Turner learned how to read and write and led a rebellion against White Slaveowners, killing about 60 Whites.  The hidden act of resistance that is often overlooked here is that he learned how to read and write.  For Turner and others, literacy was another example of resistance.  Slaves who learned how to read and write represented a form of resistance that challenged the system suggesting that slaves remain in both intellectual and physical bondage.  Those that did learn to read and write, such as Frederick Douglass, represented another example of resistance in how they were able to convey their own struggles to a wider audience, demonstrating another example of significant resistance.  I would also suggest that the notion of merely running away and helping other slaves escape, such as Harriet Tubman, represents another significant example of resistance in that it shows how many slaves were not content to simply embrace an example of what is and rather seek a world of what can be even at great cost to themselves.

mysticgirl | Student

You have passive and active resistance.

Passive would be like fake sick, nursing their child for long hours, women would use thier period to pretend they had cramps and couldn't work adn they would also break tools or fake ignorance and say that they don;'t know how to use the tools.

Active resistance would be how they would kill animals, the domestic slaves would poison their master and there will obviously be revolts.

some would resist by runnig away: this is pertainent to Maroons. they were run away slaves who would live in bushy areas and build a community with a strong bond of thier own. You shold also look up Genocide.