The Watergate Scandal Questions and Answers

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What was the importance of the Watergate scandal? 

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The “Watergate scandal” is a nickname applied to the detection, prosecution, and conviction of Republican Party officials, senior White House staff, and Cabinet heads for illegally obtaining information about their political opponents and trying to cover up the crimes. The immediately related events spanned two years, from June 1972, when burglars targeted the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate complex in Washington, DC, through August 1974, when President Richard M. Nixon resigned from office. Not only was he the only president who ever resigned, but in succeeding him, Gerald Ford became the first president never to have run for the office, as he had become vice-president after serving as Speaker of the House of Representatives. The lasting effects are still felt, and the legacy can be grouped into five main categories.

First, the outcome reaffirmed the continued importance of the...

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