Frankenstein Questions and Answers
by Mary Shelley

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What was Victor's initial attraction to science in "Frankenstein"? this is a question from chapters 1-4 i have three more questions-it would be so awesome if you could answer them also: 1.Why do you think Victor felt so uncomfortable amongst strangers? 2.How do you think Victor felt after his first meeting with Krempe? 3.How is Victor influenced by Professor Waldman? thanks you guys are the best!! xoxoxo

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Victor's interest in science was first begun during his youth in the Swiss Alps with Elizabeth.  While she was interested in the appearances of things, Victor became fascinated with the causes of natural phenomena.  With this beginning, Victor expanded his knowledge, especially during a trip in which he encountered the works of noted alchemists, who studied the properties of matter (notably in order to change substances to gold). 

With this fascination with alchemy, Victor entered the university.   Professor Kreme, however, discouraged him and ridiculed him for wasting time with the subject.  But under the teachings of Waldman, Victor was influenced to delve even further into chemistry as a science and the possibilities thereof.

Also, with his mother's death, Victor began to question the permancy of death and to speculate on the possibilities of science to turn back the process and bring all to life.

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Victor's initial attraction to Science is developed as a young child who is extremely curious about the natural world. Additionally, he was encouraged while a student at the University of Ingolstadt, where his teacher, Professor Waldman suggests that Victor extend his experiments into unknown areas, and try to discover the origins of life, human mortality, the secrets of death.

Victor is somewhat of a loner submerging himself in his work.  Once he creates the monster, he isolates himself from everyone, devoting his life to finding and destroying the creature.

"Victor verges on inhuman – he doesn’t seem to have “normal” emotional reactions to any of the events in his life. He cuts himself off from the world, eventually devoting the remainder of his life to one obsession: Destroying the monster he created."

When Victor met Professor Krempe, the teacher makes fun of Victor's favorite authors and Victor is disturbed by this man's opinion.  He seeks out another Professor, Waldman who encourages him.

"Professor Waldman encourages Victor to study modern science and to learn from science’s most recent, exciting discoveries if he wants to penetrate the vast mysteries of nature. Victor tells us his meeting with M. Waldman was a memorable one, and it was a day that “decided my future destiny.”  

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