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The Versailles Treaty was the name of the peace treaty that ended World War I. This was a very harsh treaty for the Central Powers, especially for Germany. In the treaty, Germany had to pay the Allies $33 billion for war damages. Germany also had to accept responsibility for World War I. The Allies believed Germany could have prevented Austria-Hungary from going to war against Serbia. The Germans were allowed to have a military that could only defend Germany. The military couldn’t have any offensive capabilities. All of the Central Powers lost land as a result of being on the losing side. The Versailles Treaty created the League of Nations. This was an international organization that was designed to keep the peace by having countries discuss their problems instead of fighting over them. Many people believe the harshness of the Versailles treaty was a factor in the outbreak of World War II. Germany in particular was looking for revenge for the harsh punishment they received as a result of this treaty.

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