What was verdict of the jury?i want to know the answer..

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grammargator eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although the title of this short story may sound as if it is a courtroom drama, it is not. The peers referred to in the title are friends of Minnie Wright, a farm wife suspected of strangling her cold and cruel husband.

In the story, the author, Susan Glaspell, relates a series of events through the conversation of two women who accompany their husbands (one a witness of sorts to the crime, the other the county sheriff) on a visit to the scene of the crime. While in the farmhouse, the two women find important clues to what probably happened leading up the husband's murder. However, because they are women, and what they find and discuss are considered "trifles" by the men, their information is never considered.

The "verdict" of Minnie's peers is ultimately that she was driven to the crime by a lifetime of living in isolation with a heartless and unfeeling man. They seem to consider Minnie's actions justified, and the reader is left to think they will never reveal what they found in Minnie's house.