What was Uncle Matthew’s big news?

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At the end of chapter 14, Kit and Judith return home to find Rachel looking anxiously up and down the road. She tells them that Matthew had gone to Hartford with some men and that there is a big crowd forming around the blacksmith shop. She thinks it all has something to do with Governor Andros of Massachusetts, "the one who is determined to take the charter away."

She proves right. Later in the afternoon, Matthew returns looking ill and beaten. He says that Governor Andros is arriving in Hartford on Monday to take over as Royal Governor of Connecticut.

At the beginning of the next chapter, the reader hears the locals' real feelings on the matter in a meeting Matthew holds at his house. We only hear snippets of the angry conversation from the point of the women outside the meeting room, but we hear enough to know that the men are worried about their futures. One person says that it will be the end of all they've worked for. Another claims that the governor doesn't think that the contracts they made with the Indians over land mean anything. They will have to ask for new grants for the land they've already bought: "The fees alone will leave us paupers."

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