What is the turning point in the book The Girl Who Fell from the Sky? Details please :)

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Jamie, now called Brick, finally ends up in Portland where he meets Rachel's aunt's boyfriend Drew, who works as a counselor at a rehabilitation center and has taken him in, he knows that he must impart to Rachel her father's message. So, he finally gets the courage up to go to her house, but he realizes that on this first visit he is

...going too fast. You couldn't fill a room with ghosts when you didn't know what power they might have.

So, he asks her to go out. Since Lakeisha likes Brick so much, Rachel arranges a double date with Jesse, Lakeisha and Brick. But, this night does not go as well as he wants because Jesse gets high, and Brick must leave. Rachel showers and calls the morning "Day 1," as her mother had numbered each day in her diaries.

After several attempts, Brick finally gets Rachel out; they go to Oaks Park, an amusement park. But, before leaving, Rachel has read a letter her father had written to her grandmother, telling her he must stay away because he "can only tell her stories that she may not be able to hear." At the amusement arcade, Rachel takes every risk. Having no luck, she gives a man her remaining tickets, and he wins a large stuffed animal for her, but is insulted when she doesn't respond to his overtures and throws the toy at her. Then, she and Brick get on the Ferris wheel. As they descend, Rachel feels she must stand up; when she nearly falls, Brick catches her, and looks into her eyes that hold an immeasurable sadness. "I know you," he tells her. "You survived." 

Brick, then, is able to tell her about Roger and his message. Rachel concludes to herself about that fateful day, "It was just one day, but I think for Mor, it seemed like Day 1."

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