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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain

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What was Tom Sawyer famous for?

Tom Sawyer is famous for his pranks and love of adventure and freedom. In many ways, he is the archetypal American boy.

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Tom is famous for his pranks and ability to get into get into trouble. Tom is cheerful and charismatic, able to live by his wits and convince others to do what he wants. Mostly, Tom is famous for his self-confidence and his desire for freedom. One of the reasons he admires Huck so much is that Huck seems to have all the things Tom desires—especially freedom from adult supervision.

Many of these characteristics are on display early in the book during the famous fence-painting episode. Tom's ability to trick his rival, Ben Rogers, into actually paying him for the privilege of doing the work he was forced to do as a punishment is an example of Tom's ability to think on his feet and make the most of any situation.

While he hates school and "book learning," Tom is quite smart in other ways. Tom has an active imagination, which he uses to invent the many adventures he and his friends go on. He also has an innate sense of right and wrong and can be courageous as well. This can be seen in his plan to rescue Jim or his decision to testify against Injun Joe in the murder of Dr. Robinson.

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