What was Thomas Hobbes’ idea for the government?    

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Thomas Hobbes was an english philosopher who lived predominately in the 1600's. His idea for government was that in order for people to be able to live together and survive, they needed to be governed by a single sovereign ruler. This idea was put forth in his book, Leviathan, where Hobbes states that if people are left to rule themselves, they will only focus on self-preservation. He counters this argument by saying that while living under a sovereign ruler the people in society will enter into a "social contract" with one another, and the sovereign. In this social contract, all people of the society give up their "right to all things", except for the sovereign, who is in control of all. By entering into the social contract, the people are able to coexist with one another based on the rules, regulations, and laws the sovereign puts forth. It is important to note that Hobbes never stated that this sovereign should be one person. He argues that in addition to a single ruler such as a King or Queen, small groups, such as those seen in a democracy, or the British parliament, could also serve as the sovereign to govern a nation.

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