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What was the theme of Kate Chopin's Story of an Hour? Whats the plot summary?

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Louise Mallard is a married woman who like many women of her time felt she had no identity or worth to society other than as the daughter of a father and the wife of a husband.
The reader is told at the beginning of the story that Louise has a heart condition. Upon discovering that her husband has been in a train wreck, her friend and her sister gently tell her that he is dead. She cries hysterically at first, and then she goes to her room to be alone. She thinks about her life and realizes now that her husband is gone, she has the freedom to do as she pleases when she pleases. Although her husband has never been mean or abusive to her, he has totally controlled her life, so much so that Louise dreaded the future. She had even hoped she would not live a long life. Now that her husband is dead, she looks forward to living a long time and enjoying her freedom. She then goes downstairs with a renewed hope for the future, and her husband walks in. He hadn't been on the train after all. Louise drops dead when she sees him. The doctors say she died because she was so happy to see her husband alive. This is ironic because the reader knows she dies because she is devastated that her husband is alive. Her hopes for a wonderful future last less than an hour.

Kate Chopin , the author, wants the reader to understand what it was like for women during this period of time. They were much like property and had no rights of their own. Louise Mallard needed to feel that she was worth something based on what she could contribute to...

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