What was the reaction of the man whose daughter was saved by the creature?

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In the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the creature saves a young girl, but receives a hostile response.

While spending time out in nature, the creature relaxes and enjoys its beauty until he sees a young girl. The creature hides in the bushes, to avoid being seen, and watches the girl. The girl is running along the side of a river when suddenly her foot slips and she quickly falls into its current.

Although the creature does not know the girl, he instantly responds by trying to save her. He runs to her and, with much effort, saves the girl from drowning in the water. After pulling her out, he tried to “restore animation” to her “senseless” body.

Unfortunately, at this time, the man who was accompanying her appears. He snatches her from the creature. The creature follows him although he “hardly knew why." Subsequently, the man shoots the creature and the creature collapses to the ground.

Thus, despite the creature’s efforts and pure motivations in saving the girl, his physical appearance incites the man to think the worst about the creature. His thoughts quickly lead to action when he shoots and injures the creature, despite the creature's heroic actions. 

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